Lords Cricket Ground Square and Outfield Renovation

September 2015

In September we completed an end of season renovation project at Lords cricket ground, the home of cricket.

Main Square

The first phase of the project was the renovation of the squares 22 wickets. These were fraise mown and the arisings cleared. The wickets were scarified with a Graden GS04 in 3 directions. Half of the seed was applied and 6T of loam spread and the seed was left to germinate. A lute was used to level the loam. When we returned, following germination, we applied the remainder of the seed and fertiliser. Finally the square was hand raked.


The second phase of the project took place on the outfield which was scarified in 3 directions with an Amazone Groundkeeper. The outfield was then hollow tined and the cores collected. A disc seeder was used to sow the seed in 4 directions and 50T of kiln dried top dressing applied with a Dakota turf tender. Finally the outfield was drag matted and a pre seeder fertiliser applied.

Nursery Ground Reinstatement

During an event on the nursery ground a temporary track-way had been installed to the perimeter. With the track-way removed we scarified the area, again using the Amazone, over seeded, top dressed and applied fertiliser.

Nursery Ground Nets and Match Wicket

The final phase of the project was on the nursery ground nets and wicket. These areas were scarified in multiple directions and the Lords groundstaff applied seed and fertiliser and we applied the loam.

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