Fineturf are highly experienced in sports turf production and installation for natural surfaces including football pitches, golf courses and bowling geeens, as well as the production of turf for landscapes.

Sports Turf

Tillers Arena Sport is suitable for a range of sports pitches that are subject to heavy wear and tear, from school and academy playing fields to international stadiums.

Produced with a high percentage of perennial ryegrass (70%) this product will withstand the demands of a modern fixture list while delivering high ground cover and visual merit. The addition of smoothstalked meadowgrass adds to the strength and density of the sward. Grown on sandy soil Arena Sport delivers excellent surface drainage.

  • 70% Dwarf Ryegrass – Lolium Perenne
  • 10% Slender Creeping Red Fescue – Festuca Rubra
  • 20% Smoothstalked meadowgrass – Poa Pratensis

Golf Turf

Fineturf offer a range of turf for use across a golf course. This includes greens turf, optionally grown on USGA rootzone, for high specification greens, fine leaved high wearing tees turf and bunker revetting turf. Our greens turf can also be used during the construction and renovation of bowling greens.

  • Greens turf grown on USGA rootzone
  • Greens turf grown on topsoil
  • Tee turf with and without ryegrass
  • Fairway turf with and without ryegrass
  • Bunker revetting, surrounds and lining turf

Landscape Turf

Fineturf have a range of landscape turf available with two of the most widely used being Tillers Arena and Arena Bargold. Tillers Arena is a high quality general amenity turf known to be consistent and extremely reliable. Suitable for use on public parks, domestic lawns, business parks and for commercial landscaping.

  • 30% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass – Lolium Perenne
  • 20% Smoothstalked Meadowgrass – Poa Pratensis
  • 30% Slender Creeping Red Fescue – Festuca Rubra Litoralis
  • 20% Chewings Fescue – Festuca Rubra Commutata

Arena Bargold is used in both landscaping and sport. With a fine appearance it is suitable for ornamental lawns and croquet lawns.

  • 40% Bargold Super-dwarf Ryegrass – Lolium Perenne
  • 60% Barcrown Slender Creeping Red Fescue – Festuca Rubra Litoralis

Drought tolerant and low maintenance turf is also available.


Amenity Grass Seed (Limagrain)

As a national distributor for Limagrain, Europe’s largest seed producer, Fineturf are able to offer a range of industry leading cultivars, mixed specifically to perform under the rigorous conditions experienced by natural grass sports pitches.

The Limagrain MM range is used in a number of the UK’s and Europe’s top sporting venues and has a proven track record in producing a high quality sward and playing surface. All seed mixtures not only meet, but exceed the EU and UK minimum standards for germination and mixture purity. Cultivars are also independently tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute to ensure the highest quality at all times.

Please contact us for more information on the MM range and how it could benefit your sports pitch. Below we have listed all mixtures from the range along with the Limagrain Catalogues which contain further information.