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Turf, Seed and Soil Amendment

We supply and install a wide range of high-quality turf for golf and landscaping. We have priority access from the country’s leading grower, which is freshly harvested and delivered first thing in the morning, ready for laying.

​Golf Course Turf

We supply turf for all golf course applications 'through the green'. Greens turf includes fescue bentgrass, poa bent, and creeping bentgrass varieties, grown on USGA rootzone. We also supply harder-wearing ryegrass varieties, revetting turf for bunker faces and edges, durable turf for use on pathways, a wide range of wildflower turf, and heather turf for heathland regeneration.

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Landscaping Turf

We supply high-quality landscaping turf for domestic and commercial use. Available in small roll (1m²) or big roll (15m²) formats, it is suitable for domestic, ornamental and fine turf lawns, commercial landscaping, public parks, business parks and urban spaces.

Wildflower turf creates a vibrant floral display and an important habitat and food source for pollinating insects.

Grass Seeds

Fineturf offers a range of industry leading cultivars from DLF, Europe's largest grass seed breeder and producer.

DLF’s MM range is specially blended to meet the performance demands of natural grass sports surfaces. It is favoured by some of the UK and Europe's top sporting venues, producing resilient, high-quality playing surfaces. Cultivars are independently tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute, and all seed mixtures exceed the UK and EU minimum standards for germination and purity.

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Profile® Soil Amendment

Profile® Soil Amendment is used in the construction and maintenance of sports pitches and golf courses. Ceramic particles retain moisture and nutrients, and re-balance air pore and water pore space. This improves drainage and increases oxygen levels in the rootzone, prevents compaction and aids recovery after high-traffic events, and delays the onset of drought stress.

The products we supply include Profile® Field and Fairway (including Emerald) and Greens Grade™.

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