Profile Soil Amendment

Profile® porous soil amendment used in the construction and maintenance of sports pitches and golf courses. The Profile® Porous Ceramic particles hold moisture and nutrients and provide a balance of air and water pore space to improve drainage.

As UK distributors and stockists we can supply a range of products including Profile® Field and Fairway (including Emerald) and Greens Grade™. Please contact us for more information.

How Does Profile® Work?

Native soils, comprised from sand, silt and clay can compact easily and create an imbalance of air holding pores and water holding pores. This compaction reduces air space resulting in poor drainage and low oxygen levels.

Profile® soil amendment re-balances the air pore (35%) and water pore (39%) space. This promotes better drainage and increases oxygen levels in the root zone to combat wet areas, compaction, algae and poor nutrient retention. Due to the extremely low degradation rate of the particles these improvements are almost permanent.

What are the Benefits of Profile®

  • Improves moisture and nutrient retention.
  • Improves drainage and reduces wet spots.
  • Increases oxygen levels.
  • Adds porosity to prevent compaction in high traffic areas.
  • Increases plant root depth.
  • Delays the onset of drought stress.
  • Reduces dry spots which can reduce hand watering requirements.
  • Aids recovery following heavily trafficked events.

When Do I Apply Profile®

  • During a new construction Profile® soil amendment can be blended with sand, rootzone or native soil at a recommended rate of 10-20% by volume. Once blended, apply the material at the specified depth for the construction.
  • Profile can be used to construct sports pitches, golf tees, fairways and greens.
  • Apply as a light and frequent topdressing. Profile® Emerald, a green granular product can be used to instantly blend in with the existing sward.
  • Backfill aerification holes following deep tine aeration or hollow coring.
  • Apply directly to wet areas / puddles to absorb water.
  • Apply before and after busy events.
  • Apply as a blended divot mix.