Fineturf’s many years of experience has enabled us to gain a thorough understanding of the construction techniques and materials that constitute a successful bowling green.

Bowling Green Construction and Renovation

Utilising our fully owned fleet of plant and machinery, highly trained operatives and knowledgeable management staff we can provide a full construction service from initial site design and planning through to final surface installation.

Fineturf also have extensive experience in the renovation of existing bowling greens to alleviate performance issues caused by a poor growing medium, drainage or undulating levels.

A bowling green construction typically involves the following:

  • Design, planning and site setup
  • Excavate base and consolidate
  • Drainage installation
  • County concrete channel installation
  • Grave carpet installation
  • Blinding grit layer
  • Sports sand / rootzone application and amelioration
  • Laser grading
  • Final ground preparation
  • Fertiliser application
  • Bowling green turf installation or seeding
  • Surrounding slab path
  • Irrigation system (design and install)
  • Growing in maintenance period contract

Bowling Green Maintenance

End of season maintenance is an important factor in ensuring a bowling green is in the best possible condition for the following season. Varying works can be undertaken but would usually involve a combination of the following:

  • Deep tine aeration – relieves decompaction and encourages new root growth.
  • Hollow tine – provides aeration and thatch removal resulting in improved surface drainage and new root growth.
  • Overseeding – introduces new cultivars into the bowling green surface.
  • Top Dressing – removes surface irregularities and encourages seed germination.
  • Seed, fertiliser and top dressing supplies
  • Weed and disease control products