Our experience as bowling green and croquet lawn contractors spans many prestigious clubs across the UK, including the historic venue at Barnes Bowls Club and Croquet World Cup hosts, The Roehampton Club. As well as new flat and crown green construction, we also renovate and rejuvenate bowling greens to repair the surface, reinstate levels and enhance the playing experience.

We follow the bowling green construction guidelines of Sport England, meeting all its required standards using our expert approach to construction and materials selection. Fineturf offers a specialist team for the construction, renovation and maintenance of bowling greens and croquet lawns, from initial design and planning through to preparation of the final surface. Supporting our knowledgeable management staff is an in-house team of highly-trained operatives and a fully-owned fleet of plant and machinery.

Bowls Green Construction – What’s involved?

Here’s a step by step explanation of the key techniques and processes.

1) Excavate and consolidate for bowls green formation

Subsoil is excavated for the formation, consolidated and levelled prior to the installation of drainage and irrigation systems. Consolidation is critical to achieving a precision level, fast-drying, hard-wearing green that performs well.

2) Construction, County Channels and Timber Edging

Installation of county concrete channels that conform to Bowls England guidelines.

3) Prepare Final Ground

The bowling green surface is prepared, pre-turf fertiliser applied, high-quality bowling green turf laid or specialist grass seed cultivars sown (dependent upon budget and project timetable) and maintained on contract to ensure a successful grow-in. Slabs or artificial grass paths can be laid around the green to frame the playing area.

Bowling green construction and installation costs vary. Please contact us for further information and advice, especially if you’re applying for Sport England funding.

Bowling Green Renovation and Maintenance

It is important to renovate and repair bowling greens in preparation for the new season. Bowling green maintenance can include deep or hollow tine aeration to relieve compaction, remove thatch, improve surface drainage and encourage new root growth. Overseeding introduces strong, hard-wearing new grasses into the sward, with top dressing applied to aid germination and establishment. Products can be applied to eradicate weeds and control turfgrass diseases if required.

Replacement of Timber Edging

Aged and rotting timber can be replaced with new HC4 treated timber edges that are installed using laser equipment for precision levelling before the bowls green is reinstated up to the new edging.

Croquet Lawn Construction and Renovation

Croquet requires a playing surface similar in qualities to a bowling green or tennis court. A croquet court should be level, firm and well-drained, with an even, closely-mown fine turf surface. We are experts in new lawn construction and the renovation of existing grassed areas into high-quality croquet lawns. We can provide advice on the best approach for each project, dependent upon budget, intensity and standard of use, and the subsequent maintenance regime.