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Calculator Guide

Our online turf calculator will help you calculate the area of your garden and how many rolls of turf you need to cover it. 1 roll of turf is equal to 1m².

We also recommend that you add a couple of extra rolls, or 5 percent for larger orders, to the total as when laying turf there is often a small amount of waste from cutting in edges.

  1. Choose the unit of measurement, you can select from metres, feet or yards.
  2. Choose the garden shape, you can select from square, circle or triangle.
  3. If selecting a square garden enter the length and width, if selecting a circular garden enter the diameter and if selecting a triangular garden enter the height and width of the base.
    These boxes only accept whole numbers.
  4. Click on the ‘Calculate’ button and you will see the area, in m², and the number of turf rolls you require.