Grass Tennis Court Construction Photo

Grass Tennis Court Construction

Our Construction Experience

Fineturf has constructed grass tennis courts at some of the UK's top venues such as Wimbledon, Devonshire Park and Nottingham Tennis Centre. We build and renovate natural grass courts at a national and local LTA club level and for private individuals. Very few companies in the UK have our expertise and experience.

Our services are comprehensive and include project design, planning and management, drainage and irrigation, construction, final preparation, surface installation, grass seed specification and aftercare.

How Does a Grass Court Surface Perform?

The type of surface influences the bounce of the ball and how players move around. Grass is the fastest and best-suited to serve and volley play. It's also natural, renewable and glare-free.

How is a Grass Tennis Court Constructed?

Here's a step by step explanation of the key techniques and processes. New courts are ideally laid facing north to south, rather than east to west so players are not blinded by the sun. We ensure our grass courts are built to Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Sport England specifications.

Excavation for Court Formation

Subsoil is excavated for the court formation and the surface laser-levelled. An uneven underlying formation leads to mismatched depths within the first loam layer, affecting performance and play.

Drainage, Irrigation and Gravel Carpet

Drainage is an essential aspect of any new grass tennis court. Effective drainage ensures consistent moisture levels across the court. We provide advice about the design and installation of irrigation systems.

Level, Consolidate and Key

Each layer of loam is laser-levelled. Thorough consolidation removes air pockets and ensures there's a good bond between each layer of loam. As part of our expert service we specify tennis loam with low clay content, essential for a deep-rooted, high-performance sward that recovers quickly from wear.

Prepare Final Surface and Seed

The final tilth is prepared, fertiliser applied and grass seed sown.

Fencing, Net Posts and Mowing Strips

Tennis court fencing is important and practical, keeping the ball within the playing area and the court secure, and ensuring visibility into and out of the compound. We specify and supply tennis court fencing, net posts, windbreaks and install mowing strips.