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Experts in Golf Course Construction

Fineturf specialises in golf course construction and alterations. Our golf course construction services include design, planning and project management, earthworks, shaping, drainage and irrigation, final preparation, surface installation and aftercare.

Our experienced management team is supported by skilled technicians and shapers, using an in-house fleet of specialist machinery. We deliver each aspect of every project to the highest standards, on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to the golf course, club members and the environment.

We work closely, efficiently and flexibly with course managers, head greenkeepers and their teams, committee members, golf course architects and consultants to achieve outstanding results on:

  • Golf green construction (USGA specification and traditional push-up)
  • Bunker complexes and individual bunker construction
  • Natural and artificial tee construction
  • Golf course extension
  • Golf course water feature construction
  • Driving ranges
  • Bridges, paths and hard landscaping
  • Car park construction

Golf Course Renovation, Alteration and Remodelling

When choosing a golf course construction company, you’ll want to receive the best service. Our attention to detail applies to every project, large or small. As golf course contractors, our high-quality workmanship and ability to interpret each customer’s vision has led to a significant number of annual alteration and renovation programmes at some of the country's top golfing facilities. We are specialists in:

  • Golf green reconstruction or repositioning
  • Golf tee renovation and laser levelling
  • Golf bunker renovation and remodelling
  • Golf hole extension or realignment

Golf Course Drainage and Irrigation Solutions

Effective drainage and efficient irrigation are essential for maintaining high-quality golf courses. We provide specialist drainage and irrigation services as part of golf construction projects or as a standalone scheme.

  • Primary and secondary land drainage schemes
  • Sand and gravel banding
  • Irrigation system design, specification and installation
  • Irrigation system upgrades and extensions
  • Irrigation storage tanks

Golf Course Water Features and Engineering

Water is an integral part of any golf course, playing a vital role in its environmental and ecological sustainability and as an aesthetic feature. Our water engineering services include lake, pond and reservoir construction.

Golf Course Maintenance

Golf courses endure high levels of wear and tear from excessive use and climatic conditions. Regular maintenance ensures they continue to meet the expectations of members and visitors. We own a large fleet of specialist machinery and our in-house team provide the following maintenance services:

  • Deep tine aeration
  • Hollow tining and core collection
  • Overseeding
  • Top dressing
  • Scarification
  • Verti cutting

Golf Course Turf - Selection and Installation

We have priority access to specialist golf turf from the country’s leading grower, which is delivered first thing in the morning, ready for laying. Greens turf includes fescue bent, poa bent and creeping bentgrass varieties, grown on USGA rootzone. We are able to supply turf for all other applications 'through the green', from fine fescue to harder-wearing ryegrass varieties and revetting turf for bunker faces and edges. See our full range of golf turf here.

Golf Course Ecology and Environmental Projects

Rich in flora and fauna, golf courses are important ecological sites, providing diverse habitats for wildlife including many rare and protected species. We work with golf clubs and their agronomists to enhance biodiversity at courses of all types and supply a range of wildflower turf and heather turf for heathland regeneration.