Lords Cricket Ground Nursery Grounds Renovation

December 2023

Fineturf was awarded the esteemed contract to reconstruct the Nursery Ground at Lord's, the Home of Cricket, in April 2023. We began the work on Monday, 28th September, which was less than 24 hours after the last over was played at Lord's in 2023.

We removed approximately 20mm of the existing vegetation, and then we stripped off all the salvageable Topsoil both these products were loaded and removed from site back to our Greenwaste Recycling Facility in Lincolnshire. Due to existing square, net, and run-ups, the integration of new levels with the existing structure required careful attention to detail. Each segment had to be broken down into individual areas. We excavated to within 400mm of the new finish ground level around the outfield. This approach allowed us to merge the new construction with the surrounding environment, maintaining a thoughtful and detailed approach throughout the process.

We then set out the drain and irrigation lines and cut them into the formation. 100mm lateral drains were then connected to a 150mm main drain. Out falling into a silt chamber, connected to a Permavoid attenuation cell system to hold back the water before it was discharged into a nearby sewer connected by the means of a hydro-brake, ensuring a systematic and efficient water management process.

First fix irrigation was installed in communal trenches in conjunction with the drainage system. We then installed 100mm 2-6mm gravel carpet, 200mm lower Rootzone layer which was a medium Sports Sand, then 100mm of 80/20 Upper Rootzone over the entire outfield footprint. Each layer was laser graded using our custom-built mid-mounted laser-tractor, ensuring the seamless integration of each component.

The second fix irrigation was then installed using a selection of Hunter Sprinkler Heads and Hunter Controller. We installed three 20,000-litre underground water storage tanks c/w submersible pumps. We installed Acco drains around the perimeter of the entire outfield connecting to the new drainage scheme. The careful selection of equipment and installation contributing to the effectiveness and sustainability of the irrigation and drainage systems.

The Upper Rootzone was carefully prepared for fertilization and seeding. We applied three pre-seeder fertilizers, ICL Pearl, Headland Multigreen 28.3.15, and Headland Greentech 6.5.18. After that, we applied MM50 amenity grass seed at 70 g/m² using a Gandy drop spreader and dimpled in the seed with a Blec Cultipac. This seeding process enhances the potential for robust and uniform grass growth, laying the groundwork for a vibrant and resilient playing surface. The barrier fencing would remain in situ until the opening of the outfield. All the “grow in” maintenance would be carried out by Karl McDermott and his team.

Fineturf's reconstruction of Lord's Nursery Ground is a perfect example of our expertise and precision. Every step of the process, from vegetation removal to advanced drainage solutions, reflects the team's commitment to quality. Their innovative irrigation techniques, laser-graded layers, and eco-friendly practices further demonstrate their dedication to excellence.

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