Lords Cricket Ground Main Square

September 2023

Since September 1997, Fineturf has been responsible for the specialist maintenance of the Main Square and Outfield at Lords, including all end of season renovations.

Main Square

Lords Main Square has 14 wickets. To prepare the pitch, we use a Koro Field-topmaker that is 1.5m wide. We lightly Fraize Mow the pitch in three directions to remove all vegetation, thatch, or slime and expose a clean loam surface. Next, we Koro Deep Scarify the pitch in three directions at a depth of approximately 5-6mm.

After this process, we remove all the remaining debris using a Trilo S4 vacuum collector. We then use a Gandy Drop Spreader to sow 100% Rye Grass mix from DLF at a rate of 70g/m2. We apply loam to the pitch using our smallest Massey Ferguson tractor with a Sisis Powerspred. Then, we lute and dragmat the loam in multiple directions to make sure the levels are perfect. We apply Headland Greentech 6.5.18 pre-seeder fertiliser before carrying out any final handwork.

Finally, we cover the pitch with growth sheets until the first germination.

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