Lords Cricket Ground Outfield Turf Installation

June 2016

In September 2015 the MCC began work on the reconstruction of the Warner Stand at Lords Cricket Ground. Following the construction a section of the outfield perimeter required restoration. The aluminium trackway used by the construction traffic was removed and the surface excavated using a big roll harvester and Volvo excavator. Soil was imported and then cultivated. The ground was prepared using a Blec Pedestrian Stonerake and finally by hand raking. Big roll turf was installed.

In August we returned to Lords for the second phase of this project. With the new stand complete we were asked to reinstate the outfield area to the front of it. The existing turf was removed and the area cultivated using a pedestrian stonerake. The final surface was prepared by hand raking. A custom grown thick cut turf on rootzone was installed.

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