Lincoln City Football Club Training Pitch Renovations

April 2023

Fineturf is proud to undertake the Lincoln City training pitch renovation, committed to delivering a top-class playing surface for the club's success.

The renovation begins with the Koro of the existing surface, expertly removing unwanted vegetation. Waste materials are responsibly tipped off the site, and a Trilo vacuum ensures a clean slate. We supply and spread Sports sand, enhancing drainage and soil structure.

For training pitch three, we were tasked with cultivating the existing fibre rootzone, re-consolidating, supplying and delivering 210 tons of 0-9% fibre concentrate, loading and spreading the concentrate, ameliorating it into the top 100mm of the rootzone, and conducting thorough stone raking and ground preparation.

For all the pitches, precision disc seeding in five directions and dimple seeding in one direction ensure even grass coverage. The carefully selected MM60 Amenity grass seed is supplied and applied while conducting deep tine aeration with 20mm tines to improve soil aeration. Using a dragmat, seeds are incorporated, and 14.6.8 fertiliser provides essential nutrients for growth. Our commitment to excellence extends to leaving the site immaculately clean and tidy, providing Lincoln City training pitches that meet the highest standards.

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