Lincoln City Football Club Pitch Renovation

May 2023

The renovation begins with two passes of Koro, effectively removing the existing surface to create a clean canvas. A Trilo vacuum will efficiently clear any remaining debris. We will then supply and distribute 60 tons of top-quality Sports sand, optimising drainage and soil structure. With disc seeding in five directions and dimple seeding in one direction, the stadium pitch will have uniform grass coverage. The chosen MM60 Amenity grass seed, supplied and applied, is renowned for its durability and suitability for high-traffic stadiums. Deep tine aeration with 20mm tines will improve soil aeration, and a dragmat will gently incorporate the seeds into the soil for optimal germination conditions. Lastly, we will supply and evenly spread 12 bags of premium 14.6.8 fertiliser to support initial growth. Upon completion, the site will be left immaculately clean and tidy. We are excited to contribute to Lincoln City's success with a revitalised LNER Stadium pitch that meets the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.

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