Woburn Golf Club The Marquess and The Duke's Tee Construction

August 2016

Throughout August Fineturf completed five tee constructions at Woburn Golf Club. Four of these were on the mixed woodland Marquess course and one on the Duke's course. Having staged the British Masters on a number of occasions and this year the Ricoh Women's British Open we were delighted to be working on the prestigious Marquess' course.

1st Blue Tee

The existing tee was excavated and the rootzone removed. Drains were cut into the formation and a new 200mm rootzone layer imported and laser levelled. The tee surface was established from hollow tined cores removed from other tees on the course. The stockpiled cores were levelled across the tee, raked and lightly firmed in. This process of constructing the playing surface ensures compatibility with other tees on the course.

5th Blue Tee

A new 5th tee was constructed 50 yards back from its current position. The area was created by removing 12 pine trees from a woodland to the rear of the existing tee. Indigenous soil was used to construct the formation into which drainage was installed. 200mm of rootzone was imported and laser graded. The tee banks were topsoiled, prepped and turfed using Tillers Turf Arena. Greenstaff finished the surface, again with compatible cores.

12th Tee of the Day

The general play tee was doubled in width, providing a larger teeing off area to reduce wear and tear. The existing surface was stripped and the rootzone removed. The removal of material allowed the new tee to be shaped as one, rather than as an extension, creating a more natural finish. Indigenous soil was imported and the new tee shaped. Drainage was cut into the formation and a 200mm layer of rootzone laser graded. The tee banks were topsoiled and turfed using Tillers Turf Arena. The greenstaff raked and levelled cores to complete the construction.

15th Blue Tee

The already monstrous 575 yards par 5 was extended to make it over 600 yards. The tee was constructed and married into the higher contours of the hole. The construction process was similar to the 5th tee.

4th Tee The Duke's Course

The competition tee was trebled in size, to the left of the existing tee, making the dog leg more challenging. The construction process was similar to the 12th Marquess' but involved a larger volume of infill with indigenous soil, consolidated in layers.

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