Woburn Golf Club Practice Ground Tee Renovation

April 2013

Following the successful renovation of a tee on The Duchess course at Woburn golf club we returned this week to renovate the 585m2 practice ground tee. We approached this project with a similar methodology which can be viewed in our previous report. In summary the scope of works included.

  • Strip existing surface using big roll turf harvester
  • Cultivate area using a Blecavator
  • Laser grade to achieve the required fall of 1/100
  • Spread and level 40 tonnes of rootzone
  • Laser grade the surface a second time to ensure the correct levels
  • Lute by hand
  • Apply 28:3:15 fertiliser
  • Hand rake ready for turf
  • Install Tillers Turf Arena Sport big roll turf

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