Woburn Golf Club The Duchess 18th Hole Tee Construction

September 2017

Woburn Golf Club approached us in September to reconstruct the 18th competition tee on The Duchess course. Having worked on The Marquess and Duke's courses in 2016 this was our first project on the youngest sibling of the three.

With the existing turf and rootzone stripped, using on site material we extended the tee backwards and forwards and reshaped the rear banks. We constructed the sleeper front from RSJ steel beams and hardwood sleepers. The RSJ steel beams, hidden from view, are the correct size to house the sleepers and create a long lasting, solid structure for the elevated tee.

With drainage installed and the sub soil compacted we graded, consolidated and laser levelled 60 tonnes of rootzone to create the final surface. As with all fine turf surfaces we hand raked the area ready for turf and installed Tillers Turf Poa / Bent greens.

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