Three Counties Showground Showground Renovations

May 2023

Fineturf undertook the renovations at the prestigious 3 Counties Showground. Our expertise in every stage of the project ensures a top-quality transformation.

Setting Out: The project commences with meticulous setting out, ensuring precise measurements and alignments, laying the groundwork for a successful renovation.

Supply and Delivery of Topsoil and Rootzone: We take pride in providing high-quality topsoil and rootzone, crucial for creating a fertile and supportive base for the showground.

Grading and Shaping: Our skilled team receives the topsoil and rootzone, meticulously grading and shaping the area in layers to achieve a level and well-prepared surface.

Ground Preparation: Comprehensive ground preparation works ensure a smooth and stable surface, ready for the next stage.

Supply, Delivery, and Laying of Tillers Thick Cut Big Roll Arena Turf: We supply, deliver, and expertly lay Tillers Thick Cut Big Roll Arena turf, renowned for its resilience and performance.

Leaving Site Clean and Tidy: Upon completion, we prioritize leaving the site immaculately clean and tidy, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

With Fineturf's dedication and attention to detail, the 3 Counties Showground will be revitalized and ready to host a wide array of events.

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