The Belfry Bunker Drainage

June 2013

Fineturf have just returned from the PGA National Course at the Belfry. During the contract we installed new drainage systems to 15 of the course bunkers. The PGA National, a challenging championship course has fast running fairways, undulating greens and bunkers with faces up to 15ft. Regarded as one of the top courses in the country, which has hosted two European Tour events, Fineturf are privileged to have worked at this prestigious venue.

During the project a similar methodology was adopted to renovate each of the bunkers. The existing sand was removed using a Volvo excavator. The drainage channels were then excavated by utilising the power tilt attachment to create the v-shaped trenches required for the drainage pipe. The positioning of the trenches varied per bunker and examples of the formation of these drains can be seen in the project photos below. With the trenches clear of any debris 100mm drainage pipe was laid in each and the trench backfilled with washed drainage gravel. A high specification membrane was laid in the bottom of each bunker prior to topping up with 4.5 inches of Sibelco Bunker Right Sand.

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