Scunthorpe United FC End of Season Renovation

May 2013

Fineturf have returned to Scunthorpe United FC to complete their end of season pitch renovations. Fineturf have worked alongside Scunthorpe for a number of years and are proud to have such a close relationship with this local professional club.

We began this year’s renovation by fraize mowing the existing surface. The pitch was then spike rotavated and power harrowed in two directions. This year we also ripped the subsoil to further relieve any deep compaction.

90 tonnes of 0.9 fibre concentrate was spread across the surface using specialist machinery. The rejuvenation of the fibre concentrate is advised as over time the material can deplete, affecting the performance of the pitch.

5 tonnes of Zeolite, Headland Multigreen 20:0:32 and Kieserite Magnesium Fertilisers were applied and ameliorated along with the fibre concentrate into the top 100mm of the playing surface. The final surface was then prepared with a Blec Rotor Rake.

Limagrain MM60 seed was sown at 50gm2 using a Blec Cultipack.

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