Fairway Aeration
October 2020
Practice Tee Levelling
October 2016
Drill and Fill
August 2016
Drill and Fill
August 2013

Notts Golf Club Hollinwell Silt Trap and Drainage Installation

August 2014

In late August we installed a carrier drain and silt trap at Notts Golf Club Hollinwell. The silt trap would catch run off from the edge of the driveway that runs through the course. Following the installation of the silt trap a carrier drain trench was cut through the driveway and adjoining fairway. The driveway was reinstated with stone and tarmac. The fairway trench, excavated with our custom engineered bucket, was backfilled with gravel and rootzone. The rootzone was consolidated and turf installed to ensure the fairway was back in play with minimum disruption to the clubs members.

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