Notts Golf Club Hollinwell 2nd Fairway Drainage

March 2013

The 2nd fairway was suffering from poor drainage therefore Fineturf and Lakeland were contracted to rectify the problem. Strips of fairway turf were removed using a big roll turf harvester. This meant it would be possible to reinstate the same turf after the drainage work was complete, maintaining the original appearance of the fairway and insuring the hole would be back in play immediately.

The drainage trenches were excavated using a custom built trenching bucket. During the project we installed 40lm of 100mm main drainage pipe and 120lm of 80mm lateral drainage pipe. The main drain fell into a concrete soakaway, which was also installed during the project. The trenches were backfilled with 6-10mm drainage gravel left 150mm from the surface and 150mm of 70/30 rootzone was spread and consolidated ready for the turf to be re-laid.

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