John O’ Gaunt Tees and Green Reconstruction

Completed in

In November 2014 Fineturf returned to John O’ Gaunt Golf Club, Sutton Park, Bedfordshire. Over the last 4 years a number of projects have been completed for the club and Fineturf are pleased to continue this relationship and assist in the development of the course. A previous green construction project from February 2012 can be viewed here. During this project a number of tees were constructed and a new 7th green.

Tee Construction

The tee formations were constructed from on site topsoil and rootzone and shaped and levelled by one of our Volvo excavators. Turf was installed by the greenkeepers, Tillers Arena turf.

Green Construction

The existing green was excavated and a bunker filled in. The new formation was shaped and a solid, consolidated base constructed which was 400mm below the final green level. Drainage trenches were cut into the formation using the tilt bucket and drainage pipe installed with the trenches backfilled with 4-10mm gravel. Following this a 100m gravel carpet was spread over the surface. A 300mm layer of rootzone was spread and consolidated. The accuracy of the depth of these layers is crucial in achieving good growth and drainage. The green was turfed using Tillers Greens turf.


Project Specification

Machinery Dumper, Volvo Excavator
Materials Tillers Turf Arena, Tillers Turf Greens on Topsoil