John O'Gaunt Golf Club Green Construction

October 2011

In October 2011 we reconstructed the 13th green on the John O'Gaunt course to USGA specification.

The existing turf was removed using the excavator. The green formation was shaped and a solid consolidated base constructed down to formation to allow for the material required during the construction build up. The excavator power tilt bucket was then used to cut drainage trenches into the formation in which 100mm perforated drainage pipe was laid. The trenches were backfilled with 4-10mm washed gravel.

With the drainage installed, a 100mm 4-10mm washed gravel carpet was spread across the entire base. Following this, using a 2-4mm grit, a 25mm blinding layer was installed and finally a 350mm layer of 70/30 rootzone completed the construction profile.

The excavator then shaped the surrounds ensuring the contours married into the new green and surrounding fairway.

The surface was installed using big roll turf, 70% Fescue, 30% Bent greens mixture on USGA sand.

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