Gloucester Rugby Club End of Season Renovation 2014

Completed in

Following the installation of a new drainage and irrigation system at Gloucester Rugby Club in 2013 we returned this year to complete their end of season renovations.

The existing surface was fraise mowed in two directions and vacuumed to ensure all debris was removed. The pitch was aerated using a Wiedenmann Terra Spike and half of the 60 tons of rootzone spread. A GKB Eco Dresser then completed one pass of the pitch. This machine aerates and dresses in one process; the coulters de-compact and excavate the top layer of soil prior to mixing it with the new rootzone, replacing and levelling it. A further 30 tons of rootzone was spread and the process repeated. The surface was drag matted and finally a Vredo disc seeder used to sow Limagrain MM60 in four directions. Finally 12:12:12 fertiliser was applied.

During the project new pathways and an astro turf technical area were also installed. The pathways were excavated and concrete edgings laid. 80 linear metres of hexdrain and covering were installed which was connected into an existing outfall. The stone base was constructed from Type 1 stone, 20mm base tarmac and 6mm wearing tarmac. The technical area was constructed from a Type 1 stone base, rubber shock pad and artificial carpet.

New Rugby post sockets were installed into newly positioned post holes.

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Project Specification

Machinery Blec Combinator, Trilo Vacuum, Vredo Disc Seeder, Wiedenmann Terra Spike
Materials 12:12:12 Fertiliser, Limagrain MM60 Seed