Berkhamstead School Cricket Pitch Renovation

Completed in

In August we returned to Berkhamstead School for a third year to complete their end of season cricket pitch renovation. This year we renovated half of the square, 6 pitches and the junior square, 4 x 25m pitches.

A Koro Terraplane removed 15mm of the existing surface and any thatch build up. A further 70mm of loam was removed and stockpiled for reuse.

The pitches were lightly cultivated and laser levelled. The formation was consolidated to a depth of 100mm and surplus material removed. The stockpiled loam was re-spread, laser graded and consolidated. A 30mm layer of new loam was imported and spread before being ameliorated into the existing loam, power raked and regraded.

A pre seeding fertiliser was applied at 45gm2 and Limagrain MM50 grass seed sown at 50gm2. Finally, the grass seed was raked in.


Project Specification

Machinery Blecavator, Blec Combinator, Blec Culti Pack, Mid Mount Laser Grader
Materials Limagrain MM50 Seed, Loam, 6:5:18 Fertiliser