Berkhamstead School Cricket Pitch Renovation

Completed in

We have recently returned to Berkhamstead School to renovate their Cricket pitch for the second year.

The existing surface was removed and a proportion of the loam stockpiled to be reused later in the project. The area was ripped, cultivated and the levels accurately set.

Ongar loam was imported and mixed with the previously stockpiled loam and spread over the wicket in layers. Each layer was laser levelled, consolidated and keyed with a Graden.

Final ground preparations were carried out with a pedestrian rotor rake and hand rakes. Fertiliser was spread and Limagrain MM50 cricket wicket grass seed sown.


Project Specification

Machinery Blecavator, Blec Pedestrian Stone Rake, Graden Sand Injection, Koro Field Top Maker, Mid Mount Laser Grader
Materials Limagrain MM50 Seed