Airter® Light 14160


The Airter® Light 14160 is a pneumatic aeration machine that decompacts the soil and supplies it with fresh oxygen. 14 injection lances fitted with triple nozzles push compressed air into the rootzone in a continuous process. The penetration depth can be set between 8cm and 22cm. Working width of 1.6m with an output of 1,100m2 per hour.

Each injection lance has its own compressed air reservoir which shoots air into the soil under controlled conditions and at high pressure. The air pressure can be adjusted depending on the ground conditions. The machine can push 1 million litres of air per football pitch into the ground.

The Airsoftroll® technology ensures very low ground pressure during the process.

Suitable for natural grass pitches, golf courses and golf greens. The Airter® can also aerate hybrid turf systems.