Woodhall Spa Golf Club Putting Green Reconstruction

February 2023

Fineturf recently completed an impressive Putting Green Reconstruction project to elevate the golfing experience to new heights.

The existing turf and Rootzone were stripped and stockpiled for potential future use. Removing the existing gravel carpet and drainage allowed for the implementation of a more efficient drainage system. In partnership with Lakeland Earthworks, the new green formation was shaped with precision, adhering to a well-planned guide drawing. The surrounding areas were also shaped to complement the green's design and enhance the overall aesthetics. With the cut in and installation of drains and a well-placed soakaway, the new green received a reliable water management system. The project utilised 100mm of high-quality gravel carpet and 120 tons of premium Rootzone, creating a solid foundation for the 300mm layer of mixed Rootzone. 100 tons of imported quality Topsoil were then also supplied and shaped.

Fineturf Irrigation installed a horse shoe-shaped 63mm SDR11 pipe using 63mm to 1-1/2" saddles. The system includes 5 Toro Flex50 heads, each connected with a 2.5mm irrigation cable that runs back to the valve box. This design ensures optimal water distribution and convenient maintenance for the irrigation system.

The final ground preparation continued with a balanced 6.5.18 fertiliser spread across the working area to encourage healthy turf growth. Fineturf then supplied and installed Tillers Arena Gold turf, complemented by Tillers Fescue bent on USGA Rootzone, creating an elegant and playable green.

The Putting Green Reconstruction at Woodhall Spa Golf Club, executed by Fineturf, promises an exceptional golfing experience, a testament to the club's dedication to providing golfers with a world-class playing surface.

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