Walkington Cricket Club Square Renovation

September 2012

Fineturf have recently completed the annual wicket renovation at Walkington Cricket Club. Walkington playing fields, located near Beverley, Hull have been used for sport since the 1950’s and are now home to a cricket, football and tennis club.

The existing wicket was stripped using a GKB Combinator, cultivated using a Kuhn Spike Rotavator and laser graded using a Blec. 20T of loam was then spread and ameliorated into the cultivated surface, again using the Kuhn Rotavator. The wicket was re graded and a further 10T of loam spread and consolidated. The wicket was accurately re graded and the final surface prepared using hand rakes. 6:5:18 fertiliser was applied and MM50 grass seed sown at 60gm2.