Tyrrells Wood Golf Club 13th Hole Approach Reconstruction

September 2017

We have just completed a project at Tyrrells Wood golf club where we had previously worked in 2014. Designed by Edwards Design International, the approach to the 13th was softened through a cut and fill operation and the green raised by 1m. As players round the dog leg the new approach will make the green more visible.

The existing topsoil was stripped and the chalk land cut and filled to achieve the desired levels. The green and surrounds were completely reconstructed. The green formation was shaped, drains cut and a gravel carpet laid. A rootzone was blended from the existing greens topsoil, Tillers screened topsoil and a topsoil from the Redhill quarry. This was spread in a 300mm layer. New bunkers were also shaped.

The green was turfed using Tillers Poa / Bent greens turf. The surrounds and approach were turfed with Arena Gold short cut. Tillers have also supplied revetting and bunker lining turf. All turf was laid by the greenstaff.

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