Twyford Bowls Club Green Renovation

September 2013

Twyford Bowling Club in Berkshire was formed in 1935 and has since enjoyed a rich bowling history involving hundreds of players and matches. Following the 2013 season the club made the decision to renovate the green ready for play in summer 2014. With a growing list of bowling club customers Fineturf were delighted to be awarded the contract by Twyford and commenced work in mid September.

Using a big roll turf harvester we removed the existing surface which was transported to a green waste recycling facility. A Wiedenmann Terra Spike was used to aerate (vertidrain) the subsoil prior to cultivation. The green was then laser graded to deliver the precise level that is required for lawn bowls. A Dakota Turf Tender spread 40T of sports sand which was ameliorated into the soil to provide the correct growing medium and to aid with surface drainage. The surface was laser graded for a second time to ensure the levels were correct. Final ground preparation was completed using hand rakes, 6:5:18 fertiliser applied and MM10 bowling green seed sown.

We will continue to monitor the development of the seed to ensure the club are bowling on their new green by next summer.