Stow On The Wold Tennis Court Construction

June 2018

During this project we constructed a grass tennis court, a croquet lawn and socialising area for a private client.

The scope of works for the natural tennis court construction included:

  • Cut and fill subsoil and laser grade plateaus for the court formation and lawns.
  • Install drainage at 3m centres and connect the main drain into an adjacent stream.
  • Lay a geotextile fabric to act as a barrier between the formation and drainage layer
  • Install a 100mm deep gravel drainage layer and a 50mm blinding layer. Laser grading both.
  • Supply a topsoil layer followed by a loam layer. Consolidating and laser levelling both.
  • Prepare the final surface for fertiliser application and sowing of MM50 tennis court seed.
  • During the project a pop-up irrigation system was installed to the lawn tennis court.