St Nicolas Primary School Sports Pitch Construction

August 2023

In August 2023 we were instructed to replace the playing field surface that was in an unusable condition because of continual mole damage.

We stripped off the surface with a Koro FieldTop Maker, shaping all the arisings into a view mound for the pupils to use on sports day. We cultivated the existing topsoil to desiccate the years of mole activity and rabbit scrapes with a Blec Burivator and softened the levels using a Blec Box. Following that we carried out two passes with a Blec Stone-rake to produce a seed bed. We then supplied and applied Headland Multigreen 28.3.15 @35g m2, supplied and sowed in two directions MM60 @ 70g m2 with a Blec Turfmaker Seeder.

During our visit, we installed a 1.2-meter-wide granite stone path leading to the sports equipment shed. Additionally, we constructed a short French drain to prevent playground flooding during heavy rainfalls.

In conclusion, Fineturf has successfully revitalized the playing field, addressing mole damage, improving aesthetics, and implementing practical features to enhance the overall usability of the space.