City of Lincoln School Long Jump Construction

Completed in

During 2010, Fineturf completed the construction of a 60,000m2 playing field at the City of Lincoln School, for Balfour Beatty. Fineturf have since returned to the site to install a long and triple jump as part of the facilities.

The long and triple jump track measured 53m long x 1.22m wide and the two jump pits, one at each end, were 9m long x 3m wide.

The track and jump pit formation was excavated using a Volvo 360 and laser guided equipment. A concrete kerb edging was installed on the track whereas for safety reasons the jump pits used a rubber topped edging.

The track was built in 3 layers, starting with a stone base, followed by a porous macadam course, which was rolled, and the surface finished with a rubber wet pour material.

Foundation troughs, take off boards and blank boards were supplied and installed to allow take off into either jump pit.

The original project can be found here: City of Lincoln School Playing Field Construction.