Sandown Racecourse Drainage Installation

Completed in

In late September and following our drainage works at Warwick Racecourse we were contracted to complete a similar project at Sandown Park Racecourse, another Jockey Club racing venue.

The project included the installation of main and lateral drains as well as sand slits at the 2 mile start. The main and lateral trenches were excavated to a depth of 550mm and 450mm respectively, both using a Shelton Trencher. Pipe was installed and the trenches backfilled with gravel and sand. The drainage lines were restored by sowing Limagrain MM60. Finally, sand slits were cut perpendicular to the lateral drains at 1m centres, a depth of 300mm and 50mm wide.


Project Specification

Machinery Sand Hopper, Shelton Gravel Hopper, Shelton Trencher Wheel
Materials Limagrain MM60 Seed