Billy Twomey Show Jumper Arena Construction

Completed in

Fineturf have recently constructed a grass show jumping arena for Billy Twomey. Billy show jumps for Ireland and is ranked as one of the top ten show jumpers in the world. Billy has had a long celebrated career and Fineturf hope the newly constructed arena will help him continue his success.

Following our arrival to the 3600m2 site the existing vegetation was removed and the arisings stockpiled. The area was cultivated using a Blecavator. The levels were set and the site accurately laser graded. Following a second cultivation a Blec Stone Rake was used to remove any debris. 80T of sand was spread using our custom built sand spreaders and the sand lightly ameliorated into the cultivated surface. Finally, a pre seed fertiliser was applied and the surface sown with Limagrain MM60 grass seed.

In November 2013 we returned to complete a second project at the estate, an indoor show jumping area. The imported material was roughly spread using a JCB Loadall. A laser controlled Blec Rotor Rake was then used to accurately level the area. Through our experience working with material of this nature the Rotor Rake is a more suitable choice than the Laser Grader.


Project Specification

Machinery Blecavator, Blec Combinator, Blec Laser Grader, Blec Stonerake
Materials 6:5:18 Fertiliser, Limagrain MM60 Seed