Putting Green Drainage Groundwater Dynamics

July 2017

In July we trialled a new drainage system on our home golf course, Sudbrook Moor, on an area of the putting green that didn't drain as freely as the rest of the green.

Working with Groundwater Dynamics we installed their patented Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge Pump (EGRP) system. The system allows water to reach lower levels of unsaturated subsoil away from the surface and accelerates the soils ability to absorb water. It also removes the need for an outflow. The system has another benefit in that no ongoing maintenance is required.

The hole positions were marked and using a hole changer a core of turf removed and placed to one side. During the project a Comacchio 305 drill mounted on track mats bored holes ranging from 1.5m to 4m deep. The machine is capable of drilling to 12m depending on the requirements. The track mats helped to avoid any damage to the playing surface. An EGRP device was inserted into each hole, capped and the core of turf replaced. Each devices sits 300mm below ground level.

For more information please visit the Groundwater Dynamics website.