Priory Academy LSST Attenuation Tank Installation

August 2011

As part of Fineturf’s 22,000m2 sports playing field construction at the Priory Academy LSST we installed an attenuation tank. The attenuation tank, a modern soakaway system used for stormwater attenuation, was 120m3 and made from 480 soakaway crates.

The attenuation tank is used to store excess water that is draining from the main pitch. A hydro brake controls the release of this water into Lincoln’s drainage system at a rate that does not exceed 5 litres per second.

The area to store the tank was excavated using a Volvo 360 EC135. The bottom was lined with a permeable geo-textile membrane with enough surplus to be wrapped over the top of the cells once completed. The membrane acts as a barrier against any debris that may fall into the cells in the future.

480 attenuation cells were clipped into place and connected to the main soakaway prior to the hole being backfilled with the excavated material.

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