Ollerton Bowls Club Green Construction

September 2015

In Ollerton Nottinghamshire, a new Gleeson Homes housing development required land that contained the local bowling clubs pavilion and one of their two bowling greens. In August, Fineturf commenced work on the reconstruction of this second bowling green.

The existing surface was removed and a new formation and channels were excavated. Drainage trenches were cut into the profile and backfilled with 4-10mm drainage gravel. A soakaway was also installed. The existing topsoil had been analysed and was suitable for the construction and was therefore cultivated. Sports sand was ameliorated into the surface to create a rootzone. Throughout the process a mid mounted laser graded was used to ensure we delivered the precision levels that are expected from a bowling green. An irrigation system was also installed.

The surface was prepared with a pedestrian stone rake and hand raking. Pre seeder fertiliser, 6:5:18, was applied at 40gm per sqm and Limagrain MM10 seed sown at 60gm per sqm.