Nottingham Racecourse Finish Line Drainage Installation

June 2013

Fineturf have recently installed a new drainage system to the finish line area of the inner track at Nottingham Racecourse. This section of the track required a quick and efficient repair during an extremely busy racing schedule for the course, which is located in the 280 acre Colwick Park on the outskirts of Nottingham.

A new main drain, parallel to the track, was excavated using a Shelton Trencher. 100mm drainage pipe was installed, the trench backfilled with drainage gravel to within 150mm of the surface and topped up with rootzone to track level. The main drain was connected to 45lm of carrier drain and a silt trap, both of which were installed during the project. With the main drain in place laterals were excavated perpendicular to the track at 5m centres. These were backfilled in a similar method to the main drain but using 80mm pipe. Finally, sand slits were cut at 1m centres parallel to the track. The sand slits were 300mm deep and backfilled with 200mm of gravel and 100mm of sand. All areas were then reinstated using Limagrain MM60 grass seed.

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