Market Rasen Racecourse Drainage Installation

August 2023

Fineturf has been working with Market Rasen Race Course for 25 years and is currently 3 years into a 4-year Home Straight Drainage project.

During the past three summer seasons, we have installed a new 100mm main drain along the entire length of the Home Straight using Mastenbroek, which is controlled by laser technology. We have also out-falled the drain in two different directions and discharged both ends into an existing open ditch.

We have installed 80mm Lateral Drains at 5m centres, they were connected to the 100mm Main. The trenches were cut with a Shelton 710 trenching wheel with 100mm teeth. Once the pipe was installed and connected we backfilled with 2-6mm gravel to within 150mm of the surface. We then added 70/30 Rootzone to the surface, compacted the Rootzone using our custom made compaction wheels, and topped up again ensuring to the surface level. We prepared the Rootzone and seeded with MM60 amenity grass seed @ 70g m2.

We installed Sand Slits at 1-meter intervals perpendicular to the Lateral Drains. To cut the slits, we used a Shelton 710 trenching wheel that had 50mm teeth. The slits were 300mm deep and 50mm wide and were filled with 200mm of 2-6mm gravel and 100mm of 70/30 Rootzone. After compacting the trenches, we seeded the area with MM60 Amenity grass seed, using 70g per square meter.

Fineturf takes pride in delivering a solution that combines innovative technology, precision engineering, and high-quality materials. The enhanced drainage infrastructure promises to contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of Market Rasen Race Course for years to come.

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