Huntingdon Racecourse Track Reprofiling

May 2013

We have just completed track repair work at Huntingdon racecourse in the South Midlands. The popular racing venue had a number of areas on the course that had unsuitable levels. These were high impact sections of the course such as jumping and landing areas and a track crossing. These sections suffered from subsidence and poor levels, an unavoidable consequence of applying divot mix, over time, to repair the course following a race meeting.

To rectify this we removed existing turf using a big roll harvester. A Volvo Excavator scraped off any high spots and new soil was imported where necessary to raise the levels. With the area level it was prepared using a pedestrian rotor rake. Finally, 6:5:18 pre-seeder fertiliser was applied at a rate of 35gm2 and Limagrain MM60 seed sown at 60gm2.

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