Hillingdon Council Haste Hill, Ruislip and Uxbridge Golf Green Scarification

June 2012

Fineturf have just completed a golf green maintenance project for Kevin Munt Golf Consultants. The project was spread across three golf courses including Haste Hill, Ruislip and Uxbridge. The majority of greens on the public golf courses, maintained by Hillingdon Borough Council, were suffering from a thatch build up and poor surface drainage. Fineturf were asked to help alleviate the problem.

Fineturf opted to scarify the golf greens using a Pedestrian Graden with Sand Injection. The floating cutting reel can scarify to a depth of 40mm and follows undulations on golf greens to ensure a consistent depth of operation. The Graden used on this project simultaneously injects sand, kiln dried, into the grooves that are created. This removes the possibility of a groove collapsing, ensures the surface doesn’t lose its firmness and reduces the disruption to play. In addition to dethatching, the sand will help to breakdown remaining thatch and will allow water to percolate into the lower layer of the rootzone.

Any debris created from the thatch removal was boarded off and the surface left clean and clear.