Felixstowe Academy Path Installation

Completed in

In December we visited Felixstowe Academy on behalf of Balfour Beatty. During the project we were to construct one Hoggin path and one Geoweb® path.

The Hoggin path would be firm when compacted while allowing water to drain through. The path area was cleared and our Volvo Excavator used to remove any tree stumps. The path was constructed using a mini excavator, tracked dumper and loader tractor.

The second path was to be constructed using Geoweb®. The tree root system underneath the area could not be damaged and therefore the path would be built from ground level upwards. Geoweb® was placed on top of a Geotextile membrane and backfilled with Type 1 stone, levelled and rolled creating a firm pathway. The Geoweb® provides surface stabilisation and controls lateral movement of the infill material.