The Women’s British Open at Woburn Tournament Practice Tee

Completed in

Woburn Golf Club are hosting the 2016 Women’s British Open and we were privileged to construct the tournament practice tee on the Dunhill practice ground.

In late January we stripped the existing turf and topsoil. There was cut and fill required to achieve the correct levels for the new tees subsoil formation. The topsoil was then replaced. We were assisted during the earthworks phase of the project by Lakeland Earthworks who provided and operated one of their Volvo excavators.

The new tee was cultivated and laser graded using our custom mid mounted tractor and laser. We supplied, spread and laser graded Messingham sports sand which was then ameliorated into the top 80-100mm of the topsoil. The tee was once again laser graded and final preparation was carried out with hand rakes and a lute. 6:5:18 pre turf fertiliser was applied and a 28:3:15 fertiliser from Headland Amenity. Finally, Tillers Turf Arena Gold was supplied and installed.


Project Specification

Machinery Mid Mount Laser Grader, Volvo Excavator
Materials 6:5:18 Fertiliser, 28:3:15 Fertiliser, Tillers Turf Arena Gold