Spalding Golf Club Bunker Renovation

Completed in

Spalding Golf Club is a parkland course in Lincolnshire and has been home to a number of County Union events. Working alongside Chris Huggins (Course Manager), Rob Groves (Head Greenkeeper) and John Spencer (Club Professional) we have embarked on a 3 year program of bunker renovations; beginning on the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th holes.

Since the construction of the original fairway bunkers, golf course design has evolved along with club and ball technology. The shape of these bunkers had become dated and in some cases the positions were incorrect based on where tee shots are now landing. To address these issues bunkers were reshaped into a modern style, relocated and in some cases filled in.

As green side bunkers are edged they become closer to the greens therefore these were reshaped and moved back to their original positions. The shape of these bunkers were also adjusted to be tighter to the approach.

During the project we shaped and drained the bunkers. The greenstaff assisted by installing revetting turf, preparing the banks and laying Tillers Arena.