Poulton Park Golf Club Natural and Artificial Tee Construction

Completed in

In February Fineturf completed a project at Poulton Park Golf Club that incorporated two tee renovations, two artificial tee installations, a reinforced grass area, a pathway and a flood embankment.

The project that was part of the Environment Agency Flood Defence Scheme began with the renovation of the 8th tee. The existing surface was removed and the formation material imported and shaped. Following this, 300mm of rootzone was spread and shaped and the tee laser levelled. The overall height of the tee was increased significantly to add protection should the ditch and new bunding, that Fineturf also constructed and turfed, flood in the future. Finally, the tee was turfed with Tillers Turf. An artificial tee mat was also installed to the rear of the tee, more information is available here.

During the project the 4th tee was renovated, the courses 6th renovation as part of their 2014/2015 course improvements. The 4th tee renovation followed a similar methodology to that of the 8th tee and also included the installation of an artificial tee mat. A 140m2 concrete pathway was laid that linked to the new tee and also a Golpa reinforced grass area.


Project Specification

Machinery Blec Laser Grader, Volvo Excavator
Materials 6:5:18 Fertiliser, Tillers Turf Arena Large Roll