The Gog Magog Golf Club Tee Renovation

Completed in

Gog Magog Golf Club situated near Cambridge plays host to two 18 hole courses; the Old Course and the more recently opened Wandlebury Course. The courses built on free draining chalk land provide visitors with lovely views across Cambridgeshire.

We were asked by the club to renovate 6 tee boxes including the 6th, 11th, 12th, 14th and both 15th tees, with a total area of 1982m2. Each tee was string lined and the turf removed using a big roll turf harvester. A Blecavator was used to cultivate the tees prior to setting the levels and laser grading. Final ground preparations were completed using a pedestrian stone rake and 6:5:18 pre turf fertiliser applied. Each tee was turfed using Tillers Turf Arena Bargold.


Project Specification

Machinery Big Roll Turf Harvester, Blecavator, Blec Laser Grader
Materials 6:5:18 Fertiliser