Notts County FC End of Season Renovation

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In May 2011 Fineturf returned to Notts County FC to complete their annual football pitch renovation. Fineturf have worked closely with Notts County FC for a number of years during which we have developed an excellent relationship with head groundsman Gregg Smith and a thorough understanding of the pitch usage and performance.

Surface Removal

The existing surface was removed to a depth of 40mm using a GKB Combinator. This process removes existing grass, thatch, slime and black layer and was completed over two passes; the first to 30mm and the second to 10mm. Following this, the surface was left clean from any arisings or debris and was ready for the first stage of ground preparation.

Ground Preparation

A Kuhn Spike Rotavator then completed two passes over the pitch to break up and loosen the surface to a depth of 60mm. Following this a Power Harrow completed one pass to decompact the surface and remix and refresh the existing material.

Fibre Sand Spreading

220 tons of 0.9% fibre concentrate was then spread across the pitch to a depth of 19mm. This 19mm layer was then ameliorated into the top 100mm of the existing surface. Rejuvenation of the fibre concentrate is crucial to replace depleted material and to maintain the stability and performance of the pitch.

Ground Preparation

With the fibre concentrate ameliorated into the surface, two further passes of the pitch were completed using the Kuhn Spike Rotavator prior to final ground preparation with a Blec Rotor Rake to ensure a fine tilth ready for seeding.

Surface Installation

A 14:6:8 pre seed fertiliser was applied at 35gm2 and the final surface sown at 70gm2 over two passes with Limagrain MM60 sports grass seed. The seed was sown with a Blec Turfmaker Seeder.


Project Specification

Machinery Blec Combinator, Blec Stonerake, Kuhn Spike Rotavator
Materials 14:6:8 Fertiliser, Fibre Concentrate, Limagrain MM60 Seed

Client Feedback

“Fineturf always deliver, on time and within budget. Their health and safety is exemplary and they’re always only a phone call away. We’re very pleased with this years results, 9 weeks after the renovation was completed we have already played two first team matches and held a training session on the new surface.”

Gregg Smith - Head Groundsman