Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club Grass Court Construction

March 2019

In 2019 we returned to Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Club to construct two new natural grass tennis courts. The courts were built to a Wimbledon specification and the project was a continuation from a court we had previously built for the club in 2017.

We excavated the formation and cut lateral drains which were connected to a main drain. A Terram was laid, drainage pipe installed and the drains backfilled with gravel. A gravel carpet was spread and laser graded, followed by a gravel blinding layer.

We supplied bagged Surrey tennis loam which was spread and laser graded in layers. Each layer was keyed to ensure a bond with the next.

The surface was re-lasered, stone raked and luted. 6:5:18 fertiliser applied and sown and the final surface sown with Limagrain MM50.

A concrete ring beam was also formed to allow rainwater to run off when the court is covered.