Trent Bridge Cricket Ground Turf Installation

Completed in

Following the end of the 2016 season we stripped turf from the outfield next to the Radcliffe Road End and removed the sprinkler heads. The building contractors, working on the stand, laid Terram and a stone base and used this area as a trackway for the building materials.

Following the completion of the building work we returned in March to reinstate the outfield ready for the 2017 season. The area was regraded and sports sand was ameliorated into the topsoil. The ground was prepared using a Blec Pedestrian Stonerake and hand raking. The area was turfed with 35mm thick cut Tillers Fescue / Bent. The sprinkler heads and pipework were also reinstalled.


Project Specification

Machinery Big Roll Turf Harvester, Blec Stonerake, Mid Mount Laser Grader
Materials Tillers Turf Fescue Bent Large Roll